Newton Link - The ESL Made for Efficiency and Simplicity

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Simplified Solution For Small Business

The ESL Made for Simplicity and Efficiency

Additional display colors

Quick to Deploy

Location-Based Service (LBS) Enabled

ESL with Bluetooth® Connectivity

High-Resolution Display

Easy Management via Aims Link

NFC capability

Multiple Accessories, Versatile Applications

Get More Things Done,  Faster Than Ever

Get More Things Done, Faster Than Ever

With Newton Link’s tons of use cases, it can easily adapt to any business environment. From co-working spaces to restaurants, Newton Link’s flexibility is limitless.

<p>Digital Schedule Signage in <strong>Shared Offices</strong></p>

Digital Schedule Signage in Shared Offices

<p>Special Promotions Using LED Blinking in <strong>Kiosks</strong></p>

Special Promotions Using LED Blinking in Kiosks

<p>Digitized Menu Card For <strong>Cafe and Restaurants</strong></p>

Digitized Menu Card For Cafe and Restaurants

<p>Promotional Signage at <strong>Car Dealerships</strong></p>

Promotional Signage at Car Dealerships

Bluetooth®-Powered Mobile ESL

Bluetooth®-Powered Mobile ESL

Designed for small businesses looking for a straightforward, hassle-free solution, Newton Link does not require special infrastructure. Instead, it utilizes Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for on-the-go ESL management using any Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone. 

Aims Link

Aims Link

Say hello to Aims Link. An intuitive mobile app that allows everything you need to maximize your Newton Link labels - from creating new display layouts to enabling LED blinking for sales promotions. 

Ten Sizes of Unlimited Possibilities

Ten Sizes of Unlimited Possibilities

Newton Link is available in 10 sizes and multiple attachments so you can use it anywhere digital labeling and constant information exchange takes place. 

Interactive Features

Interactive Features

Newton Link comes with two  programmable buttons and 7-color LED on Newton Link to make your customer’s buying experience more interactive. 

High Resolution Display

High Resolution Display

Say goodbye to paper-based labels and signages with Newton Link’s high resolution 7-page electronic paper display.

Why Choose Newton Link?

Trouble-Free Setup

Trouble-Free Setup

Transforming your business with Newton Link is as simple as installing and pairing the labels with the Aims Link app. 

Versatile Application

Versatile Application

You can use Newton Link not only as price labels but also as digital menu cards, promotional posters, and dynamic signages across retail, office, and service business environments. 

Faster Digital Transformation

Faster Digital Transformation

Whether it’s to digitize paper-based processes or to reduce manual labor,  Newton Link opens a faster way to modernized, more efficient operations of your business. 

Simple ESL For Ultimate Efficiency

Easy to Deploy, Even Easier to Use

As a versatile solution, Newton Link delivers all you need in an electronic shelf label without complexity.

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