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  Sector: Healthcare
  Country: Austria
  ESL Introduction Year: 2021


Headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, PHOENIX Pharma is Europe’s biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler. They are active in 29 countries, supplying European pharmacies with pharmaceutical products for daily use. The PHOENIX Group also operates over 3,200 of its own pharmacies in 17 European countries. PHOENIX Pharma in Austria, in particular, is responsible for the pharmaceutical supply in the country.




PHOENIX Pharma in Auhof Center, Austria, opened three years ago at the start of the pandemic. It’s one of Vienna’s largest pharmacies, which meant they needed a way to modernize their system and their whole store. The team at the PHOENIX Pharma Auhof Center has been using electronic labels for two years now.




PHOENIX Pharma quickly realized that SOLUM’s electronic shelf labels have no comparison with their previous system. They used to come back every day to check, and change prices, and modify any details. However, with SOLUM, every process is automatic now, and PHOENIX Pharma is able to reduce the time and effort that the staff spends daily.


Martin Steidl, Head of Customers & Channels, emphasized that the more time they save on administrative tasks, the more time for personal consultation, which will set pharmacies apart from other pharmaceutical channels. Pharmacist Siniša Katanić also said, “...a pharmacy needs more customer contact and specialist staff who are available to customers and aren’t wasting their time on things that could easily be digitized or automated.”


It’s clear that the PHOENIX Pharma team was able to gain so much time from utilizing SOLUM electronic labels. They were able to improve customer service for their customers. They were also able to implement QR codes and NFC (near-field communication), which allow customers to download or view extra information about a product right on their mobile phones. This further improved the customer experience. Steidl further commented that PHOENIX Pharma and SOLUM worked together to offer a proven and practical solution and bring pharmacies into the digitized world.


Gerhard Waberer, Managing Director of PHOENIX Austria, also claimed that the pharmacy staff’s feedback is excellent. They cited time-saving benefits, efficient price changes, better pricing structures, and more. This has become an integral part of improving their pharmaceutical operations.


SOLUM electronic labels, which help enhance customer experience, gain competitive advantage among online pharmacies and chemists, and ultimately save time, are a great solution for their PHOENIX pharmacies.

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