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  Sector: Supermarkets / Hypermarkets
  Country: Switzerland
  ESL Introduction Year: 2014


The decision of Migros to implement electronic shelf labels into their store operations has allowed the supermarket to provide a better experience not only for their customers but for their employees as well.


With employees no longer having to replace paper labels every day, they have more time on more essential tasks that can generate more results for the company. The automation of price updates also means that the staff is less stressed and more motivated to work now more than ever.




The time the Migros store personnel needed to manually place paper labels on shelves is so significant that it required them to put more important tasks such as assisting their customers aside.


To help the workers be more efficient in their jobs, a solution that can implement new prices for their products in real-time and in a wireless network is warranted. Other challenges such as implementing new prices in real-time and reduction of paper labels were also considered by Migros as key drivers for switching to ESL.




The first benefit that Migros gained from implementing ESL is being able to switch from paper-based labels to digitalized ones.


This enabled the company to free up their employees’ time, allowing them to become more productive and focus on other business activities, such as customer care. As a result, employees are more motivated to fulfill their roles more than ever.


The second benefit is that the time replacing the placards on the shelves and in showcase areas has been reduced dramatically.


While still in progress, the company is looking forward to saving at least 10 to 12 hours of a week in labor, which directly translates to cost savings.


Another benefit is that employees are now capable of controlling the expiry dates of the products assigned to them. Through the central server, employees can identify the products that are nearing their expiration, thus giving ample time to develop strategies to get those items sold as soon as possible.

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