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  Sector: Supermarkets / Hypermarkets
  Country: South Korea
  ESL Introduction Year: 2013


Homeplus, one of the top three Korean retailers, introduced SOLUM ESL in 2013 in accordance with the guidelines of TESCO HQ to eliminate the need for paper label replacement and management. Homeplus has improved store operation efficiency over the last 4 years by focusing on employee satisfaction and customer service.




Homeplus wanted to eliminate customer complaints due to pricing errors by reflecting real-time price changes during store hours. Homeplus also requested a high-speed data processing system that can reduce the staff resources used in the paper label replacement, and a solution that can achieve maximum effect with low investment cost.




With the fast and reliable SOLUM ESL system, store staff was able to reduce price tag management time, focus more on customer interactions during the special promotional season, and significantly enhance customer satisfaction by reducing price errors.


Additionally, the easy installation process and low infrastructure cost aided in a quick ROI. Based on years of successful ESL operation, Homeplus is looking into SOLUM’s new products and solutions.

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