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Are Electronic Shelf Labels Eco-friendly?

The features of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) have significantly improved over the years. An ESL is a great choice for store owners as it reduces carbon footprint making it environmentally friendly.

Electronic shelf labels are automated solutions that allow stores to update prices simultaneously from a remote server without creating new paper or plastic waste. 

What makes an electronic shelf label a sustainable solution?


No Need to Print New Price Tags

Electronic shelf labels are the digital counterparts of paper price tags. The information displayed on the screens can be automatically updated from the central server. With ESLs, stores don't need to print paper price tags anymore, saving them paper and ink.


Recyclable Screen

LCD screens used for electronic shelf labels can be recycled once the unit has maximized its life. Nearly 98% of an LCD screen can be recycled and more developments are being conducted to make sure the remaining 2% can be addressed.


Low Carbon Footprint

Electronic shelf labels are used by retailers to reduce the use of fluorescent lighting, which lowers carbon footprint and energy consumption.


Preserve Perishable Goods

Retailers can update prices on ESLs as much as they need. Perishable products near their expiration dates can have the prices adjusted as the management sees fit or start a promo for the products to encourage consumers to purchase the items and reduce waste. 

Green Solution Provided by SOLUM's Electronic Shelf Labels

Adding SOLUM's electronic shelf labels is a good way for store owners to practice sustainability. Retailers can also take advantage of ESLs to market with an eco-friendly message to shoppers.


Aside from sustainable solutions, SOLUM electronic shelf labels are also ideal to engage with customers and provide the information they look for in each product.


SOLUM ESLs are powered by the Newton system which showcases features like:

  • 7 LED colors
  • Customizable design
  • 8-10x faster update speed 
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Up to 7 pages of information display
  • IP67 
  • NFC capability
  • Ten years of battery life


Contact us for more information about how SOLUM electronic shelf labels promote sustainability and simplify your operations.

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