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What to Do When Electronic Shelf Labels Run Out of Battery?

SOLUM has developed an efficient RMA process that allows our clients to send their Electronic Shelf Labels battery for repair and refurbishment.

Replacing the battery of an electronic shelf label is easy and can be done by any user. However, you can follow the RMA process when a mass number (more than 50 pieces) of ESL batteries must be repaired or replaced.


The process begins with our clients sending an RMA request through a portal, where they also specify the number of labels subject to repair and the reason for the request. Once the request has been confirmed, the labels can be packaged using old fruit boxes and bubble wraps, and are shipped to our repair centers.


Inside the repair centers, the labels are first inspected for damage and defects, then suitable action will be taken to get the labels in good working condition. Defective labels that cannot be fixed are sent to our recycling partners who we work with to dismantle the labels and ensure that they are recycled and repurposed into new products. 


Finally, the repaired or replacement labels are then shipped back to our clients’ site, ready to be used again.

What is RMA?

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) is a coded authorization issued by a mail-order merchant to allow a product to be returned.


SOLUM’s Repair Center inspects the labels first, then depending on the situation:


  • Fix, replace, or recycle
  • Clean and replace the parts
  • Replaces the battery with new ones


Users can now send RMA requests online to provide a convenient user experience. All the documents are also saved online to save paper printing.


Among all the ESL providers worldwide, SOLUM is the only ESL provider that offers an RMA process for battery repair and replacement, further extending our capabilities to meet client needs.

Reducing Energy Consumption

For the last 20 years, the general expected lifetime of the ESL has been five years. But with Newton, changing batteries every five years is now a thing of the past. We have managed to increase Newton's battery life to an unparalleled ten years.


In addition to reducing the number of harmful chemicals that end up in landfills, our Newton series has 10-year battery life. Lowering your company's energy usage saves money and helps the environment by reducing pollution of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

Maximizing LED Usage

Newton Electronic shelf labels by SOLUM allow for continuous LED blinking for promotional purposes. With 3 sec of interval and 8 hours of operation in a day (8,228 times of LED light per day) and 100 days for a year, the battery life can still go up to 5 years.


With SOLUM, you can ensure your ESLs will stand the test of time.


For more information on our ESL solutions, contact us today or email us at [email protected].

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