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Benefits of SOLUM Digital Shelf Tags

SOLUM’s shelf tags have several benefits including cost-effectiveness, faster operations, and multiple features that offer various functionalities.

There are two types of shelf tags: the traditional paper ones and the digital ones. While many businesses are still using paper labels, more and more are switching to digital shelf tags because of their benefits. Below are just a few of what SOLUM digital shelf tags can offer to business operations.


Paper labels may look cheap at first but paper label cost increases over time due to rapid price changes in the market, and is more expensive in the long run. Moreover, paper labels take a ton of time to update, substantially increasing your labor costs. 


Meanwhile, SOLUM's digital shelf tags only takes a few minutes to update whenever there’s a price hike or a price drop. No need to spend money on reprinting new paper labels or on overtime fees. And because these tags have 5-10 years of battery life, there’s also no need to frequently buy batteries.

Easy-to-use for quicker operations

Using digital shelf tags is not rocket science: even store interns can learn how to use them.


Whenever SOLUM deploys its tags in shops, the managers and staff are given a demonstration on how to use them. SOLUM also offers Aims (Advanced Information Management System), a software that helps manage and monitor digital shelf tags. With just a few clicks on the computer, multiple tags can be updated.

Advantage of multiple features

Traditional paper tags have only limited space to show product information. And being paper, they do not have much to offer.


This is where digital shelf tags have an advantage. Their digital screens can display up to seven pages of fully-graphic images such as product photos, bar codes, and QR codes. They are also built with seven-colored LEDs that can signal staff and shoppers alike, and two programmable buttons that can be used for various applications, depending on what the business needs.


While paper labels can only show prices, digital shelf tags can do so much more.

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