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Different Functions of Newton’s LED Indication System

Newton’s built-in LED Indication System can be configured so the available 7 colors of blinking light can be tailored to your business needs.

SOLUM’s Newton digital labels are one of the most advanced breeds available in the electronic shelf label (ESL) market. One of its features that makes it unique is its LED Indication System, with light-emitting diodes capable of blinking in 7 colors. 


Because our labels are powered by the Newton System and can be configured and programmed through one central server, ESL users from different business industries can customize the LED Indication System’s functionality to seamlessly integrate it into their operations day to day processes.


Here are the different functions of Newton’s LED Indication System.

Instructing Workers (Warehouses & Distribution Centers)

Warehouse protocols can confuse newly hired workers as manufacturing processes can be overwhelming. This is where LED indication benefits for distribution centers and factories come in. LED indication assigns a specific LED color to each worker so that there is no confusion when working in the same area. 

Shelf Life Management (Supermarkets & Groceries)

Dealing with perishable goods is one of the major daily challenges for supermarkets, hypermarkets, and groceries. With the LED Indication system, Newton labels can blink or flash colors when the item on that particular shelf is nearing its expiration date so that the staff can ensure that those are the first items to get purchased instead of the new batches.

Helping with Promotions (Retail Stores)

Because flashing LED lights are eye-catching, the LED indication feature can be utilized for promotions in retail stores. The multi-colored light feature can be used to signal customers which items are for sale, which ones are available for a limited time, or which ones are new arrivals immediately the moment they enter the store and see the blinking lights.

Status Indicators (Hotels & Restaurants)

When it comes to visual communication, hotels and restaurants can rely on Newton’s 7-colored LED system. Hotel personnel can configure the room labels’ LED to blink green for vacant rooms and blink red for occupied rooms, while the hotel’s breakfast buffet can use the food digital labels’ LED to blink green for vegan-friendly food, blue for healthy but non-vegan food, and yellow for foods with cholesterol.

Emergency Notifications (Hospitals)

With Newton labels as room signage in hospitals, the LED indication system can be programmed to blink blue to symbolize a Code Blue emergency in that room and alert nearby medical personnel, so there can be a visual alert aside from the audio alert coming from the hospital’s PSA system. 


Interested in other ways our Newton digital label’s LED Indication System can enhance your business operations?


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