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Does Digital Signage Increase Sales?

According to Small Business on Fire, studies have shown that digital signage in retail can increase sales by up to 29.5%.

When it comes to running a business of any kind, innovation is an unavoidable part of it. Industries grow and change as technology advances, making digitalization become more commonplace in human society. Ultimately, it is both beneficial and strategic for owners of retail establishments to adopt automation to continue staying ahead of their competitors. In addition to relevancy and competitive advantage, digitizing one’s business has a bevy of benefits.


For one thing, it has become rather simple to start automating one’s business operations. Making one or two small changes at the beginning can already yield favorable results. If you are a retailer or manage one, switching your static and outdated store signage with its digital counterparts can already make a big difference. Naturally, some may feel hesitant to make such changes as sales may be negatively affected or may not change. However, the effect of digital signage on sales is quite the opposite. But why is that the case?

Digital Signage = More Effective Product Information Displays

When you use a large paper sign or placard, you can usually only show one product picture and one engaging caption. In the digital age, this will no longer suffice. Customers want to see more so they can learn more about a product. With an electronic shelf label or other forms of digital sign, the display possibilities are endless. You can display several product photos and videos that showcase your products better and your customers.

Customers Prefer to Interact With Digital Signage

Compared to traditional signs, you can display more to communicate a clearer and more comprehensive message with digital signage. For many customers, having sufficient access to important product information can make or break their purchasing decisions. This is why many customers tend to gravitate to stores that have digital signage. The increased foot traffic to your store and the abundance of important product information has the same effect on your sales figures, they grow too.

Digital Signage Improves Overall In-Store Shopping Experience

In modern times, a store that looks futuristic and sleek can be extremely attractive to customers. Many consumers like being inside a store that looks good because it enhances their shopping experience. Digital signage is interactive and informative, providing shoppers with crucial data at the shelf’s edge. Moreover, staff workload is significantly lower with digital signage so employees can focus on customer service instead. A store with boring signage and unattentive staff is a turn-off to customers as the assumption is that shopping there will be dull and difficult. However, digitizing your signage can turn all that around.

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