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How can ESL help Pharmacies

ESL help pharmacies by providing a system that can help pharmacy operations, customer services, and inventory management.

Just like any sector in the healthcare industry, pharmacies and drugstores require careful management. This is where electronic shelf labels (ESL) come in.


Having plenty of ESL models to offer on the market, SOLUM is the best retail technology solution provider for pharmacies. Aside from various ESL models, SOLUM also offers customization services so retailers can modify the shelf labels to their business needs.

How can ESL help pharmacies operate more efficiently?

By making price updates faster and more accurate.


The number one purpose of ESL is to digitalize price updates and eliminate the lengthy manual process of replacing paper labels on the shelves one by one. With just a few clicks on the computer using a label management software, pharmacy staff can automatically update price updates. And because any wrong price data entered can be edited immediately and digitally, price updatesare more accurate.

How can ESL help pharmacies enhance customer service?

By preventing human errors like selling expired medicines.


Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) can show more than just the name and price of the products. It can display the medicine's expiration date on the shelf to reduce the possibility of handing out expired medicine products.


SOLUM’s Newton ESL has a built-in multicolored LED that pharmacists can program to blink red when the medicine on the shelf is nearing its expiration date.

How can ESL help pharmacies improve inventory management?

By displaying the number of items in stock on the e-screen.


As a digital device, ESLs can be integrated into a pharmacy or drugstore’s central server. Through this, the number of remaining products in the stockroom can be displayed and seen on the ESL’s screens, immediately informing the staff so the store can order more.

Why choose SOLUM?

SOLUM has invested deeply in innovation, design, and product development, that’s why we are already known for long-lasting relationships with customers and strategic partners.

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