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What is the Best Way to Improve Pharmacy Operations?

Applying Electronic Shelf Labels is the best way to improve pharmacy operations.

The best way to improve pharmacy operations is by leveraging Electronic Shelf Labels or ESL.

ESL brings a lot of benefits to a pharmacy. By applying ESL to your pharmacy's shelves, you can leverage features that will elevate many areas in your business, such as pricing, inventory, omnichannel, and advertising. Furthermore, it can make your pharmacy sustainable for saving papers from using paper stickers as labels to your products.


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Where Can Your Pharmacy Get the Best Electronic Shelf Labels?

SOLUM is the leading supplier of ESLs for pharmacies worldwide. We have been continually developing new solutions to make several improvements to the quality and add more features to the lineup of our electronic shelf price tags.


Today's latest lineup of our digital labels is now made stronger by the all-new Newton system, which can do a lot more than a typical digital price tag.


As our electronic shelf labels are now back-up by the all-new Newton system, your pharmacy's shelves will be able to implement the following smart features:


  • Ten years of battery life – take advantage of Newton's features for as long as a decade.
  • Faster update speed – 8-10 times faster than other electronic price tags!
  • Display more information – flip up to 7 pages to access more data about the product.
  • 7 LED colors – Newton's battery life allows more possibility of heavy usage of LEDs.
  • Two programmable buttons – allow for more efficient task execution.
  • NFC capability – perform mobile payments.
  • IP67 – even the tiniest dust particles won't be able to penetrate it!
  • Customizable design – incorporate your company's colors, patterns, and logo.


You can watch the video below to learn how our ESL solutions can elevate your pharmacy operations:

Many pharmacies across the globe have already experienced the benefits of our ESL to their operations. It's not too late for your pharmacy. Let us help your business thrive today!


If you want to learn more about how Newton ESL can improve the many areas in your business process, contact us today or email us at [email protected].

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