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How Can SOLUM ESL Make a Difference in Your Operational Costs?

SOLUM ESL can help reduce the operational costs of your business without compromising the quality of your product or services.

You can quickly achieve your business’ financial goals by implementing SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) to reduce operational costs. You do not to opt for cheaper materials nor let go of employees just to cut costs. All you need to do is one, properly manage your operational costs, and two, do so by switching from paper labels to ESL.

What are operational costs?

Operational costs are the day-to-day, monthly, or annual expenses you pay to run your business. It’s the amount of money required to run your business. There are many types of expenses that all factor into the total costs of operating a business. Some costs are fixed, while others vary and depend on changes in the market.

Why is proper management of operational costs essential?

Proper management of operational costs is essential because it allows you to track your expenses and identify unnecessary costs from necessary expenditures.


Being skilled in proper management of operational costs would encourage you to explore more efficient alternatives to certain equipment, devices, and processes. One example of an efficient alternative is the aforementioned ESL, especially for retail businesses that require price label updates every day due to the rapidly changing market.

How can SOLUM ESL make a difference in your operational costs?

Unlike paper labels, SOLUM ESLs do not need constant reprinting, thus, eliminating expenses usually spent on mass printing of paper shelf labels whenever there’s a price hike or price drop. ESL also do not need manual replacing as price updates can be done by digitally changing the information displayed on their screens. This means the staff no longer need to work past their shifts to manually replace the paper labels of each product on each shelf, hence reducing employee overtime costs.

“Before implementing ESL, it was a nightmare for our sales associates to change all these price tags,” says Konstantinos Ntouvras, Area Manager of Dixons (Kotsovolos). “So they are impressed by the time that they save.” Dixons is a retail business that upgraded to SOLUM ESL to save both time and money.

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