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How Digital Signage can Modernize Movie Theaters

Movie theaters need to modernize their services to stay in business, and here is how they can do that with digital signage.

 Modernize your movie theater with Digital signage | SOLUM Infographics

Modernize your movie theater with Digital signage | SOLUM Infographics

Digital Signage as Movie Posters

Traditional movie posters need constant changing. With Newton TOUCH as cinema signages, movie posters can be changed digitally. No more waiting for the brand new prints of upcoming movies to display in the case—just a few clicks and a new set of digital posters can be shown.

Digital Signage in Concession Stands

Food prices can change multiple times in a single year due to the inflation rate, which then affects the prices of foods sold on concession stands in theaters. Using digital signage makes price updates easier, whether there’s a price hike or a discount.

Digital Signage as Revenue Source

Modernize your movie theater’s ad space by using digital signage instead of ad poster standees. While poster standees can show only one ad, digital signage can show more ads with its multipage feature and is capable of showing eye-catching animated graphics, bringing you more income.

If you’d like to explore the idea of modernizing your movie theater services with digital signage, contact us today!

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