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How Supermarkets Can Enhance Customer Experience with Newton Color

One mistake some supermarkets are committing is focusing too much on the products they’re selling and overlooking the customer experience.

Don’t get us wrong, offering high-quality products is good, but pairing it with an enhanced in-store experience will do wonders for your supermarket. This is what the Newton Color can do for your business


In this article, we will discuss ways how the Newton Color can enhance the customer experience.

What is Newton Color?

The Newton Color comes in two variations, the Newton 4-Color and the Newton 7-Color.


Newton 4-Color


This is SOLUM's dynamic 4-color store shelf label variant integrated with the Newton technology. This allows supermarket managers to display crisper and more variant pictures and text that catches the attention of shoppers.


Newton 7-Color


The SOLUM Newton 7-Color combines the capabilities of the Newton system with the e-paper technology that uses seven colors such as white, black, yellow, red, green, orange, and blue. This allows a flexible signage application.

How Does the Newton Color Improve Customer Experience?

Personalized Customer Service


Showcase engaging visuals with the Newton 4-Color and 7-Color store shelf labels. Give customers access to important product details right on the store shelving. 


Win the shoppers' interest with aesthetic visuals that will convince them to check the product and eventually buy them.


Enhanced Store Signage


Provide a more interactive experience for shoppers through the digitalization of your store signage. Display promos, product prices, specifications, and more with the Newton 4-Color and Newton 7-Color.


Eco-Friendly Solution


There are chances that customers might take notice of your sustainable solutions. With the Newton Color, you don't have to use paper as you can simply change the display from the remote server. It promotes your store's green initiative while saving costs as well.


Implementing retail store shelf labels is ideal for enhancing the in-store experience. It showcases aesthetics while giving your customers the information they need about your products. Want to learn more about SOLUM digital shelf labels? Get in touch with us! 

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