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How to Improve Customer Experience with Digital Labels

Discover how to improve customer experience using digital labels in your business establishments.

Knowing how to improve customer experience requires a lot of focus and dedication. Retailers would be wise to make this a priority. While digital labels are usually known for modernizing stores and operations, they also have quite an impact on the customer experience. 


Now, some people might be wondering how exactly digital labels can improve this part of retail. The answer lies within the capabilities that open up new possibilities for customers.

Why is good customer experience important?

There’s no one way to define customer experience. However, it can be described as the overall encounter and perception of a customer towards a brand or a business. Customer experience is the key to winning the audience’s trust and loyalty. It’s also a huge factor in boosting the brand’s image and reputation. This is why good customer experience is important. 


Creating a positive experience for retail customers should always be a priority. Here are a number of reasons why retailers should always know how to improve customer experience:


  • New shoppers have the opportunity to turn into loyal customers, while loyal customers will continue to patronize the brand
  • Positive customer experience means brands can stand out from their competitors
  • It promotes brand advocacy
  • Fans and loyal customers can turn into a powerful marketing approach through word of mouth, good online reviews, and user-generated content
  • Positive customer experiences can lead to brand partnerships and collaborations
  • It solidifies brand trust and improves brand awareness
  • It also gives brands a chance to get feedback from their customers and determine whether they still have a few areas for improvement
  • A good customer experience can also lead to more centralized store operations for the employees
  • It can also boost customer engagement, whether in-store or in online spaces
  • It can boost sales and store profitability


Customer experience is without a doubt a critical part of the retail industry. And with the help of electronic shelf labels, retailers can achieve and provide a positive experience for customers.

What digital label features can help enhance the customer experience?

Digital labels like the SOLUM Newton ESL can ultimately help improve customer experience. Apart from showing accurate prices of the product, they are rife with features that will help customers shop and perceive the operations of a store.

If you are wondering about how to improve customer experience with digital labels, take a look at these features:

7-color LED indicators

Newton labels are equipped with LED indicators in seven colors. Viewable even from a 180-degree angle, this will help indicate various instructions regarding an item. These LED light indicators will help engage the customers, as well as the employees.   

Customizable design and branding

Retailers can also incorporate custom designs on electronic labels to reinforce brand awareness. Retailers can choose specific colors, patterns, and other branding designs to connect with the audience. This will help the shoppers pay full attention to the store’s products and the brand that they are creating.

Up to 7 pages of information display

A digital label that can withhold up to seven pages of information is more than effective for a retail setting. Customers will be able to touch the labels and flip through the pages to learn more about the items. They can easily look up nutritional facts, ingredients, allergy triggers, features and capabilities, directions on how to use, lifespans and expiration dates, and more.

10x price update speed

Newton digital labels also have the fastest pricing update speed in the market. Three-thousand tags can be updated within five minutes, and there are only six to 10 seconds of process time between a label and a product. This fast price update will contribute to the customer’s ease, knowing that every product has accurate price tags.  

Two programmable buttons

SOLUM labels also have multifunctional, programmable buttons on their sides. These will add to the functionality of the digital labels and guarantee a good customer experience. These buttons can be assigned simple or complex actions, including calling customer service for help, changing pages, indicating low stocks, sending system reports, or completing a product picking process.

Dustproof and water-resistant 

Newton digital labels an IP rating of 67. IP codes tell people how well a device is protected against dust or water. An IP67 rating means a device is dust-resistant, making Newton labels have total protection against dust particles. It also means the labels can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for as long as 30 minutes. Now. customers don’t have to worry about marking or dirtying the labels while they browse for items around the store.

NFC capability

Near-field communication (NFC) capabilities are also essential if retailers want to know how to improve customer experience. Digital labels with NFC capability will allow shoppers to complete mobile payments at self-checkout, visit the retailer’s website, see current promotions, and download digital coupons. This makes a lot of processes easier for customers and will improve their overall experience.

Location-based service

Newton labels also have location-based available. This technology will be a great help to customers who are in a hurry and don’t have time to browse the store casually. Shoppers can use their phones to find various products in their aisles with ease. Likewise, employees can also use this technology to assure that every shelf in every aisle is well stocked and refilled for the shoppers.

Get started on your retail technology solutions now and reap the numerous benefits of electronic labels in your store. Talk to SOLUM today.

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