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North American Brands that Chose SOLUM

As a global leader in ESL, SOLUM has several partners and clients all over the world. Some of these partners are big companies in North America.

  SOURCE: The Beer Store

SOURCE: The Beer Store

2016: The Beer Store

Country: Canada

Sector: Food & Breweries

The Beer Store is a Canadian liquor retailer and distributor with hundreds of store outlets across Canada. To handle all of its assets more efficiently, Canada sought out an electronic shelf label (ESL) partner as early as 2015. The Beer Store decided to partner with SOLUM the following year, in which they installed electronic shelf labels among 450 The Beer Store branches.


With the introduction of SOLUM’s Central Server, The Beer Store has saved on infrastructure investment and maximized management efficiency and ROI without having to build a server for each store.

 Macy's, adopted the SOLUM ESL System to strengthen their competitive pricing and to increase store efficiency.

Macy's, adopted the SOLUM ESL System to strengthen their competitive pricing and to increase store efficiency.

2017: Macy’s

Country: USA

Sector: Department Store

Macy’s is a department chain and company in the USA and one of the country’s major retailers and was an affiliate of the famous store Bloomingdale’s. Although founded in 1858 and made successful by traditional retail business practices, Macy’s embraced innovation by partnering with SOLUM in 2017.


In 2017, SOLUM designed and developed Item Labels specific to Macy’s needs, and in 2018, launched SOLUM ESL in 540 store locations. With the successful launching and achievement of their marketing plan, Macy’s is preparing to expand to other departments with newer SOLUM ESL solutions.

North American Brands Rogers Communications Inc.

North American Brands Rogers Communications Inc.

2019: Rogers

Country: Canada

Sector: Consumer Electronics

As a brand that focuses on technology and electronics, Rogers and Fido were looking for a solution provider that could help them unlock the full potential of a highly innovative ESL system. They were especially interested in installing a cloud-based ESL solution, which could easily be integrated into the IT infrastructure already in place.


Rogers partnered with SOLUM in 2019, and the digitization of their store operations through SOLUM´s ESL system turned out to be a huge success.

2020: Lowe’s

Country: USA

Sector: Hardware

Lowe’s Company Inc., famously known as Lowe’s, is a USA retail company specializing in hardware tools and home improvement. With such a nationwide reputation, branding is one of the most important things for Lowe’s.


In 2020, Lowe’s selected SOLUM as its ESL solution provider primarily because of the newly introduced Newton label, an ESL that can easily be customized for branding purposes. All ESLs in the roll-out are custom-designed with Lowe’s logo prominently displayed in the lower bezel. The project was completed by the 3rd quarter of 2020. 


Newton’s custom bezel design has helped Lowe’s achieve a consistent brand identity inside their stores.


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