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What to Expect from the Newton System?

This cutting-edge system enables retailers to improve their operations and enhance customer experience.

SOLUM's digital price tags take the electronic shelf label system to a whole new level with the Newton technology. It is designed to provide more capabilities for the retail sector.


In this article, we will talk about the features and benefits that the Newton system offers.

Long-lasting battery

Newton features 2x battery life which allows retailers to maximize it. It comes with more LED blinking, updates, and functions for its buttons. All these without having to worry about changing batteries often.

Fast update

The Newton system can easily update 3,000 digital price tags in a span of five minutes. Its breakneck update speed makes it the fastest RF-based store shelf label in the market.

Built-in protection cover.

It comes with a new screen protection cover that boosts the durability of an electronic shelf label up to 80%. The Newton system can handle 323kg of shock, making it ideal for places with heavy foot traffic.

Custom design

Retailers can incorporate patterns, colors, and tone to match their branding guidelines. This gives more opportunities to reach out to the target audience. It's also a good way to interact with shoppers.

Multifunctional buttons

Newton has two programmable buttons that elevate the overall functionality. These can be used for simple or complex actions. Retailers can use it for customer service or to finalize a picking process.


All these functions and more are within your reach. Need more information about the Newton system? Get in touch with us!

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