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Why the Newton LITE is a go-to ESL solution

Looking for ways to enhance the customer experience in your store? Better check out what Newton LITE has to offer.

Newton LITE is one of the electronic shelf models offered by SOLUM that is powered by the Newton System. It showcases a compact design partnered with superior performance. 


What does the Newton LITE offer?

Newton System

The Newton LITE is powered by Newton technology, making it ten times faster than other digital price tags and is more efficient with battery usage.

Shockproof Cover

It comes with a protective cover that serves as a barrier against bumps and drops. No need to worry about using it in areas with high foot traffic.

Unique Shelf Security Mechanism

Newton LITE can be easily attached and removed from shelves. We provide an easy-to-use tool for quick removal.

Sticker Bezel

Newton LITE's bezels can be customized using colorful printed stickers. This gives store owners more creativity to advertise their products.

Label Positioning for Smarter Operations

It also comes with a location-based system that has an accuracy range of 1-2 meters. The Newton LITE is perfect for seamless operations and end-user experience.

Powerful and Compact Battery

Users get a battery pack that makes battery replacement easier and faster. The battery is guaranteed to last 5 to 7 years in environments with temperatures between 0-40℃.

Screen Protection

The screen is 80% stronger than other ESL models. It can handle up to 323kg of shock, ideal even for crowded places.


SOLUM's Newton LITE and other electronic shelf label models have a lot to offer for various businesses. The Newton system adds more opportunities for businesses to enhance customer experience and improve store operations. Want to know more about the Newton LITE? Get in touch with us!

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