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Why SOLUM Is the Best ESL Solutions Provider

SOLUM has 45 years of experience, the most advanced ESL in the market, and excellent customer service, making us the best ESL solutions provider.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) usage has grown over the years. Many businesses around the globe implemented and made a switch to this kind of new solution. But as ESLs develop, the different providers also expand, which means competition in the market arises too. 


But what makes us different? Let's look at these points and why SOLUM is the best ESL solutions provider among them. 

Years of experience

A company’s experience is one of the major qualifications potential business partners based their trust on—a qualification we certainly have. This can be proven by the evolution and timeline of our SOLUM digital labels through the years.


SOLUM has 45 years of experience and is trusted by over 8,000 stores around the world. We are known for our innovation and long-lasting relationships with customers and strategic partners.

Various ESL solutions for almost everything

Our innovation leaders at SOLUM do not stop after creating one solution. As long as we see a need for businesses to have better digital labels, we would continue to create answers to their problems.


We at SOLUM offer various ESL solutions from Newton digital labels to Newton TOUCH, Newton LITE, Newton Sub-Giga, and Newton Color. Newton labels and Newton LITE are designed for retailer store companies, while Newton Sub-Giga labels are mainly built for factories and manufacturing facilities.

Good customer service

Besides having a lot of products and services to offer, one of the essential things in business is good customer service.


We at SOLUM pride ourselves on good relationships with our customers. We ensure that our clients get the service they need, when they need it and where they need it. 


“It’s [SOLUM] a great team to work with,” says Joanna Lempka, a store coordinator of ShopRite in Pennsylvania when the SOLUM America Inc. team came to install ESL in their ShopRite store. “Any problem that may occur, they have a solution for it, and if they don’t, they will find one immediately.”

Social and environmental responsibility

We not only create electronic devices, but we also make sure that our solutions are sustainable and can help save the environment.


For example, our ESL eliminates the need for constant reprinting of paper labels, thereby saving lots of trees and reducing paper wastage. The shelf-life inventory management system feature that our labels have also help stores like groceries and supermarkets to reduce their food wastage. Lastly, our ESL’s 10-year battery life ensures that our clients only dispose of used batteries once every decade, decreasing their carbon footprint.


Do you want to know more why SOLUM is the best ESL solutions provider? Get in touch with SOLUM today for a demonstration to experience the best ESL! 

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