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Digital Label Types: Choosing the Right Label for Your Business

There are many digital label types when it comes to SOLUM labels. Each type is made to work well with certain kinds of businesses.

If you're a retailer, a business owner, or a store manager, chances are you are already familiar with the importance of product labeling and pricing on your shelves and in your store. But are you already fully aware of the significance of switching to digital labels? Digital labels can bring a whole new atmosphere of modernity or efficiency. And if you're using the right type of digital label for your business, then a whole new wave of possibilities and opportunities might just open up for your business.

What are digital labels?

Digital labels (also known as electronic shelf labels) are electronic labels commonly used in various retailers to display product information, prices, and more. With a proper system and connection in place, these labels can be automatically controlled and updated. More often than not, they also utilize e-ink display technology, which replicates the experience of reading on paper. This means that digital labels are not harmful to the eyes, they don't glare, and most importantly, they display accurate and updated information.

Digital labels offer a wide range of advantages for businesses and retailers looking to label and market their products with a modern, high-quality look. There are various digital label types as well, including digital shelf labels, digital freezer labels, digital signage, interactive digital displays, industrial digital labels, and more.

Why is it important to use the right digital label type for your business?

Using the appropriate digital label type for your business holds significant importance as it directly impacts how your products or store is perceived, how efficiently your operations run, and how effectively you engage with your audience. In the dynamic landscape of digitalization, selecting the right digital label types ensures that your message is clear, consistent, and resonates with your target audience.


Here are a few reasons why considering the digital label types matter:


  1. Operational Efficiency: In internal operations, using the right label type facilitates streamlined workflows. Properly labeled products and inventory make retrieval and stocking more efficient, leading to improved productivity.
  2. Customer Experience: Different digital label types cater to diverse user needs. Opting for labels that are intuitive, user-friendly, accessible, and location-appropriate contributes to a positive customer experience.
  3. Enhanced Communication and Information: The right digital label type enables retailers to effectively communicate essential information about products. Whether it's product details, user instructions, food ingredients, or allergy warnings, a well-chosen label ensures that the intended message is conveyed accurately.
  4. Brand Identity: Your choice of digital label aligns with your brand identity and values. A consistent label style across your digital labels fosters brand recognition and reinforces brand image.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: In industries with strict regulations, choosing the appropriate digital label type helps ensure compliance. Accurate labeling of data, processes, and products helps avoid legal complications and potential fines.
  6. Marketing Impact: Digital labels play a role in your marketing strategy. Catchy labels, appropriate fonts, and engaging designs can captivate your audience, boosting the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.
  7. Data and Analytics: Digital labels can give you access to valuable insights regarding your inventory, your products, and your customers. You'll be able to determine which products and brands are the best-sellers, which products or shelves need restocking throughout the day, and so much more.
  8. Future Growth: Selecting flexible and reliable digital labeling solutions allows your business to scale without encountering major constraints, easily centralize operations, engage with shoppers, and more.

Digital label types from SOLUM and their uses

SOLUM has innovated digital label solutions and continued to develop digital labels ideal for various retail settings and businesses. Newton labels have the technology and the features to improve customer experience, increase profits, streamline daily operations, improve inventory management, and so much more. As a retailer, you have the power to choose the best digital labels for your business.

Take a look at the various digital label types from SOLUM and their possible uses.


Newton ESL for Department Stores

Newton ESL are digital labels with state-of-the-art technology, ideal for big department stores. Their breakneck update speed, multiple size variations, durability, 7-color LED indicator, 7-page capacity, NFC (near-field communication) capability, and location-based service make for a complete digital label solution for expansive stores. Newton labels can improve the overall customer experience while improving store operations. They can impact inventory management, product shelving and stocking, customer support, mobile payments, omnichannel retailing, and more.


Newton LITE for smaller stores 

For smaller stores and businesses, Newton LITE is the ideal digital label solution. This is because Newton LITE consists of smaller and simpler labels, and yet, they still have the same powerful and efficient technology built into them. Its superior performance still includes the advanced Newton technology, unique shelf security mechanism, and smarter label positioning. Newton LITE is a good choice for new retail businesses, small local stores, small convenience stores, artisan shops, and more.


Newton Freezer for groceries and supermarkets

On the other hand, Newton Freezer labels are made specifically for freezers and other cold environments. As an electronic shelf labeling solution, Newton labels are ideal for retail stores, grocery stores and supermarkets, convenience stores, ice cream shops and gelato stores, hospitals, laboratories, and more.

They can withstand extremely cold temperatures and operate from -25°C to 0°C. They also have a built-in protection cover and an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. The advanced display technology also ensures that shoppers don't have a hard time reading prices and product information, even inside freezers. All of these ensure that Newton labels are the best freezer labels.


Newton TOUCH for beauty stores

At its core, Newton TOUCH empowers customers to engage with products in a dynamic manner. This makes it a suitable digital label solution for beauty stores, makeup stores, cosmetic shops, and more. Not only can they access product videos and instructional demonstrations from a Newton TOUCH signage, but through simple commands or gestures, they can also explore products further, find the right makeup or skincare product based on their skin tone or skin type, and seamlessly add items to their shopping cart. Without a doubt, Newton TOUCH makes cosmetic shopping much more engaging and accurate for the consumer.


Newton X for fashion stores

Newton X presents an ideal solution tailored for fashion stores. This is because it contributes to efficient and unobtrusive electronic shelf labeling. Newton X may be smaller in size, but it offers unparalleled performance. Like the other Newton labels, it also has remarkable update speed, which allows fashion retailers to update thousands of tags within minutes. This level of efficiency ensures that the label on every apparel, every accessory, and other items is always up to date.

And since Newton X has a compact, lightweight, and minimalist design, it's an ideal digital label for smaller and delicate items being sold in fashion stores. This not only maintains the aesthetic appeal of your products but also ensures that product details are readily available to shoppers.


Newton Sub-Giga for warehouses and manufacturing facilities

For warehouses, distribution centers, and other manufacturing facilities, the Newton Sub-Giga works best. This is because the Newton Sub-Giga is specifically designed to thrive in an industrial setting. Its long-range data transmission and interference-free communication ensure that every digital label and its system can communicate with each other even with obstructions or barriers within the surroundings.

Newton Sub-Giga can help enhance large-scale commercial use, seamless production, logistics, order picking process, stock replenishment, as well as asset tracking and equipment maintenance. This kind of digital signage solution can empower manual labor and ensure smooth operations in increasing demand.


Newton Color for galleries and museums

Newton Color, on the other hand, has vivid colors and a high-resolution display that will be beneficial for art galleries and museums. It boasts a dynamic, color-rich ESL display that will pair well with every work of art, painting, or sculpture. It will also be a great addition to the atmosphere, which is crucial when displaying various kinds of art. Since it's also powered by Newton technology, it can hold up to 7 pages of information and is equipped with a fast update speed, ensuring that digital labels have the correct information no matter the time of day.

The selection and implementation of the right digital labels for your business is a critical decision. Consider your specific needs, audience expectations, and industry standards, and choose label types that align with your goals and your path to success.


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