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Halloween Tips for Retailers

It’s time to prepare your store for the influx of Halloween shoppers! So how can retailers gear up for Halloween 2023?

 Halloween Tips to Increase Sales.

Halloween Tips to Increase Sales.

#1 Attract consumers with Halloween displays

Halloween window displays can attract passers-by to enter the store, while the aisle displays can encourage window shoppers to buy items.

#2 Promote discounted Halloween items with digital labels

Newton digital labels have a fully-graphic screen display and multi-colored blinking LED that retailers can use to indicate discounted Halloween items on the shelf.

#3 Give your shopping bags a Halloween design

Using shopping bags with spooky designs is both aesthetically pleasing and a way to spread brand awareness. Shoppers might also want to keep a reusable shopping bag with an eye-catching Halloween design.

#4 Handout free candies at the store entrance

Giving away candies to customers before and during Trick-or-Treat night might not directly increase Halloween sales, but it can increase brand loyalty and be beneficial in the long run.

#5 Publish Halloween posts online

Through social media, retailers can post Halloween sale announcements to inform people, hype target consumers, or do Halloween-related polls to predict customers’ buying behaviors.

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