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How can ESL Product Finder Feature Help Retail?

Electronic shelf labels are not limited to displaying prices. Their product finder feature can help retail operations accomplish so much more.

There is no doubt that electronic shelf labels (ESL) come with many benefits. In the retail industry, this is just one of the many innovations being used to digitize operations. It can reduce overall costs, improve pricing, and provide an interactive experience. However, another benefit of utilizing ESL is being able to assist customers in finding items with efficiency. This product finder feature can elevate the shopper’s experience as a whole.

How does a product finder feature work?

The product finder feature is fast and easy to use. Some electronic shelf label companies, like SOLUM, equip digital labels with built-in product locator technology to help retail customers. For example, the SOLUM Newton TOUCH has a Touch Finding and Navigation feature that engages with customers and helps them find any product that they’re looking for in the store.


Essentially, customers can interact with these kinds of electronic shelf labels to select and look for a product. They can pick the categories, configure the product to their preferences or needs, and the label would show overviews of matching results. Once the customer has selected a product, they can start locating it in the store. The product’s digital label LED will then flash for 30 seconds. This is to alert the customer they have found the item they’re looking for. 

How can ESL with product finding help retail?

ESL with product finding features can do more than just simple product locating. When utilized wisely, they can change the game for a lot of retailers and offer an immersive shopping experience for customers. Here are the benefits that the ESL product finding feature can bring to retail stores:

It can be integrated into the store’s software.

The store’s software or system can help centralize store operations. And fortunately, ESLs can also be integrated into it. Prices, stock inventory, product information, and any other details can be easily pulled up. Price changes are also updated immediately. And product content management developed by the retailers can be integrated into the software as well.

It displays all the necessary product information.

These electronic shelf labels have the ability to display all the information a customer might need. They can display nutritional information on food and beverage items. They can also break down components and features of various devices and appliances. They can also show clothing, apparel, and footwear along with their design and style. 

It allows shoppers to locate specific products.

A feature like SOLUM’s Touch Finding and Navigation also allows customers to be more specific. Those with certain allergies can use this as an extra precaution and get more details about a product. Athletes, bodybuilders, and more health-conscious consumers can take a look at overviews of food and beverage items. While consumers looking for specific car parts, printer cartridges, and other appliances can check out the make, model, and more.

It can improve customer service.

This can also help improve the overall customer service. Good customer service can go a long way. It’s one of the factors that urge loyal customers and fans to come back. Shoppers can engage with the ESL, and retail staff would be able to help those who need further assistance, especially those with frail health, visual impairments, or more. Product finding feature plus the addition of geolocation can make it easier for employees to retrieve items.

It can be a medium for marketing.

Product finding features like SOLUM’s Newton TOUCH can also add to a store’s marketing approach. Being able to display product information as well as appealing visuals can attract customers, boost product exposure, and improve the store’s brand identity. It can even help boost leads and sales since it gives the right information and points customers toward certain promotions. The more customers use this ESL and this feature, the more they’ll be able to associate a good customer experience with a retail store.

It creates a highly engaging store environment.

Of course, this feature can result in a highly engaging store environment. Shoppers who have more energy and motivation to shop at a store are always a good sign. And when they communicate with employees, and discover products and brands, it creates a better retail setting. It makes everything lively and ensures that shoppers have a delightful and efficient shopping experience.

Electronic shelf labels are revolutionizing the entire retail industry. And with a product finder feature, the retail experience is about to get a whole lot superior.


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