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Importance of Digital Data Display in Healthcare

Accurate digital data display is important in the healthcare industry so healthcare workers can provide the correct medical assistance.

The healthcare industry is an umbrella that domes over many businesses and establishments that require meticulous management. This includes, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, medical supplies stores, and more, but all of them share one thing: the importance of being accurate and alert at all times to avoid endangering the lives of those who need medical care.


With Newton digital labels’ data display capabilities, medical practitioners and other staff with healthcare-related jobs have a fast visual way to see, check, and double-check the information that they need.

Why are digital price tags important in pharmacies?

To prevent expired medicines from being sold. Digital price tags or Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) can display more than just the name and price of the products at a pharmacy. Their data display can include the expiration date of the medicine, vitamin, ointment, eye drops, and other treatments perched on the shelf to reduce the chances of pharmacists handing out expired healthcare products. 


Newton ESL even has a built-in multicolored LED that can be programmed to blink to alert pharmacists when the product it is assigned to is nearing its expiration. This is a good way to make a pharmacy completely modern and much safer.

Why are digital data display important in hospital nurseries?

To prevent baby-swapping mistakes. Apparently, around 28,000 babies get switched every year in hospitals around the world. It can be caused by several factors: overworked or insufficient medical staff, crowded nursery, poor baby identity labeling system, or ineffective crib card system.

Beautiful Newborn Baby Boy, Laying In Crib at Hospital

Beautiful Newborn Baby Boy, Laying In Crib at Hospital

Aside from using better newborn bracelets, implementing digital signage on nursery bassinets can also help prevent baby swapping mistakes. A digital label can provide much more accurate data display compared to traditional crib cards, as the details can be changed in real time through an ESL management software run by authorized hospital staff.

Why are digital labels important in medical laboratories?

To keep laboratories safer and more organized. The importance of data display in healthcare continues beyond hospitals and pharmacies. Medical laboratories and research facilities need as much accurate labeling as hospitals. Medical laboratories house various specimen samples as well as sensitive research equipment. 


ESLs can help scientists to better organize test tubes and Petri dishes stored in their fridges and freezer shelves. Meanwhile, slightly larger digital labels can be attached to the equipment to display warning signs or instructions on how to use the machine properly as Newton Sub-Giga labels can do on factory equipment.

Laboratory Worker Examining a Substance in a Petri Dish

Laboratory Worker Examining a Substance in a Petri Dish

Why are digital price tags important in medical supplies stores?

To prevent out-of-stock incidents during emergencies. Medical supplies stores are another healthcare retail establishment that digital data display can improve. Medical supplies stores may not sell medicines as pharmacies do, but they do offer surgical apparatuses, health gadgets like oximeters, blood pressure monitors, sugar blood monitors, wheelchairs, neck supports, oxygen masks, different types of bandages, and more.


By using digital price tags on their shelves, store managers and staff can automatically update prices and not give customers outdated prices. Digital price tags can also be programmed to be in sync with the store inventory, immediately showing the remaining products in the stockroom so the store can order more. This system is called forecasting and can help medical supplies stores from running out of a particular supply when it is suddenly needed due to an emergency.

Why are digital labels important in blood banks?

To make blood storage easier and tasks faster. In blood banks, each blood bag has a sticker label containing all the important information about the blood. So how can digital labels help blood banks?


Blood bags or blood units are stored in cool places in groups. Depending on the blood bank, the unit groups can be in plastic crates or steel trays. Nevertheless, these crates and trays would need labels to make it easier for blood bank staff to find which blood types are located where, making the task faster. 


And the best type of label to use are digital labels, so the blood bank could display clearer information through the labels’ fully graphic e-paper screen if the tray or crate is for blood, platelets, plasma, or for which blood type it is. Moreover, the staff can update the label information digitally and in real time.


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