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What is the Perfect Digital Label for Apparel Stores?

Apparel stores have the power of Newton X to transform their operations and more. Find out why Newton X is the perfect digital label for apparel stores.

Using digital labels for apparel stores is one of the biggest steps a fashion retailer can do to keep up with the industry’s ever-growing digital transformation.

And the best digital label for apparel stores is none other than Newton X.

The retail industry in general has been going through a fast digital transformation in recent years. From the popularization of online shopping to brands breaking into digital spaces, to self-check-out systems, the retail sector has changed in a lot of ways. Omnichannel and e-commerce have become a huge part of the industry, requiring retailers to digitalize and centralized their business operations. This encouraged more and more retail stores to switch to electronic shelf labels (ESLs). Hundreds of groceries and supermarkets have already enhanced their operating efficiency, improved their customer experience, and grown their profits by installing ESLs on their shelves.

Now, fashion brands that don’t have conventional retail shelves can gain the same advantages through Newton X.

What is Newton X?

Newton X is a series of ultra-compact digital labels created by SOLUM, tailoring it for apparel stores, fashion boutiques, eyewear shops, and accessory stores. These digital labels boast the same lightning-fast and efficient Newton system found in Newton ESL models but are built differently.

While Newton ESLs can only be attached to shelf edges, table tops, and accessories that can help them stand, Newton X is designed so it can be attached to fragile eyewear or used as electronic tags on bags, suits, and dresses.

What also makes Newton X different from other digital labels is its compact and lightweight design. They’re not too bulky or heavy. Instead, they’re modern, flexible, and efficient. They also come with 5-7 battery life, multi-color LED indicators, 3-7 page capacity, and a customizable design.


Here are the three types of Newton X that apparel stores and other retail stores can take choose from:

  • Newton X 1 inch
  • Newton X 1.3 inch
  • Newton X 2.2 inch

So why is Newton X the best ESL for apparel stores?

Apparel stores can benefit from Newton X in a number of ways. With Newton X’s ultra-compact design, flexibility, and features, it can provide the necessary retail technology for digitalization in most retail businesses and premium stores.


Take a look at the reasons why Newton X is the perfect digital label solution for apparel stores:


It has a discreet and minimalist design

First and foremost, Newton X has a minimalist design that will allow for a discreet look. This sleek design won’t distract shoppers from the apparel and clothing products, and won’t turn them off as they browse for more items. The Newton X is just small enough to look low-key, but also stylish enough without being too inconspicuous.


This is a particularly good option, especially for stores that want to highlight their apparel products and designs. With the Newton X, shoppers will be able to see and inspect the make and design of the products first without any obstruction.


Its lightweight design is good for delicate products

Newton X is also known for its lightweight design. Apparel stores need not worry about bulky digital labels that will weigh items down, damage premium items, or more. This means that these ESL for apparel stores are a good option for small, fragile, and delicate items. This includes accessories, watches, various jewelry, vintage clothing pieces, hats and headpieces, and more.


Newton X comes in three sizes: 1”, 1.3”, and 2.2”. These ultra-small sizes will surely fit into any of these premium and delicate products displayed in a typical apparel store.


It allows for a fast digital update

Apparel and clothing retailers looking forward to digitizing their operations and modernizing their stores will find great value in Newton X. Like the other Newton labels developed by SOLUM, it boasts one of the fastest update speeds in the digital label market. Its speed is about 10 times faster than other ESLs, making price updating a more efficient process.


This means thousands of digital labels can be updated within minutes. Store staff can also spend more of their time and effort doing other tasks, rather than replacing paper price tags manually or sticking tags haphazardly into items.


It has a peg hook option for a special attachment

Newton X 1.3 has a hole that makes it compatible with peg hook shelves and racks at apparel stores. Because this particular Newton X model has a hole, it can be fastened with a string, so it can be attached to small apparel items and accessories just like paper price tags. A Newton X 1.3 with a string can be attached to bags, shoes, ankle socks, undergarments, ties, cravats, and the like.


The Newton X 1.3 ESL for apparel stores ensures a more digitalized and more sophisticated way of labeling fashion items. It is also more secure than traditional paper tags.


It can fit the aesthetic of the product and the apparel store

Aesthetics is an important factor when it comes to attracting customers to a retail store. It’s even more significant for apparel stores, as they are selling style and comfort to people. It’s a good thing that using a digital label solution like Newton X adds to the aesthetic of the apparel store. Since Newton X labels are small, modern, and sleek, they can easily fit into the atmosphere of any apparel retail store. It can fit into formal dress retailers, high-end fashion boutiques, casual clothing brands, sports and travel clothing stores, kids clothing stores, outlet stores, and more.


Newton X also comes with a customizable design, so you can choose to show brand colors or patterns. A great aesthetic and atmosphere will attract customers, provide them with a good shopping experience, and will keep them coming back for more.


It’s an eco-friendly solution

Integrating digital labels for apparel stores also makes for an eco-friendly solution. For clothing retailers looking forward to being more sustainable in this modern age, this is a great move. Digital labels like the Newton X will replace all paper price tags, posters, and other advertisements. This would reduce paper usage, energy consumption, operating costs, and manual labor from the staff.


Newton X is one step towards sustainability, which is not only good for the environment but also for the business. Sustainable methods will help attract more customers and build trust and credibility with the current customer base.


Apparel stores can catch up with the times and fully immerse themselves in retail digitalization and modern retail technology. 


Get started with Newton X for your clothing stores now. Talk to SOLUM today.

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