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Why Should Retailers Switch to Electronic Shelf Labels?

Are electronic shelf labels more beneficial than paper price tags? We believe so!

Here’s why, with electronic shelf labels (ESL), you can say goodbye to printing new paper tags with updated prices. Electronic shelf labels are a beneficial breakthrough in retail technology. 


An ESL system is automated, meaning it doesn't need staff to devote long hours to updating product information. The pricing can easily be updated from the store's remote server. 

Automated Price Updates

An electronic shelf labels dynamic feature enables retailers to update the information displayed from the central servers. Store owners don't need to ask their staff to go around the store and manually replace paper tags that need to be updated. Aside from product pricing, ESLs can also display information like promotions and product specifications.

More Information Displayed

ESLs display a variety of information such as product name, price, stock level, and more. These details can be changed remotely when needed. Retailers often change the display with just a few clicks to meet market demands.

Product Promotion

Electronic shelf labels enable store owners to set promotions using one or multiple channels. With ESLs, retailers can be more diverse with their promotions and can communicate directly with shoppers.


ESLs also enable retailers to promote multiple products. For example, an item on promotion can show a similar product that is not on sale. 


Paper tags require store associates to print updated prices, which is not an efficient way to cut operational costs. An electronic shelf label system can easily avoid errors, meaning that retailers don't have to print new tags again when there are mistakes. This allows store owners to save on operational costs.

Replace Paper Price Tags With SOLUM Electronic Shelf Labels

Aside from improving business operations, SOLUM Newton Labels also help improve the customer experience. Our electronic shelf labels can be updated with just a few clicks, no more printing of paper tags. 


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