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Why Your Smart Gym Needs Digital Labels

Smart gyms can redefine gym experiences, but first, modern solutions like digital labels are needed to help centralize everything.

Smart gyms are redefining the exercise experience for gym goers—blending cutting-edge technology with health and wellness. However, for your smart gym to be efficient and revolutionary, you first need the right kind of technology. Specifically, modern solutions that are unassuming, simple, yet impactful. You need digital labels on your smart gym.

What are digital labels?

Digital labels, also known as electronic shelf labels or ESL, are electronic devices with LED screens meant to replace paper labels or posters. They usually come in different sizes and are used mostly in retail and industrial environments. A lot of digital labels are implemented in big supermarkets, department stores, distribution centers, factories, and warehouses.


A good example of digital labels would be SOLUM’s Newton labels. Newton labels are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a variety of robust features to automate workflows in retail, industrial settings, dining establishments, and other services. Most significant of all, these digital labels help businesses embrace digitalization and modernization, giving businesses a competitive advantage and the opportunity to provide better service to their customers.


For retail environments, these Newton labels are much more efficient and accurate than paper price tags, allowing consumers to shop and browse for items smoothly. Meanwhile, in industrial settings, Newton labels help digitize and streamline order picking, deliveries, and more.

Why does your smart gym need digital labels?

A smart gym can benefit from digital labels for several reasons, as they can enhance the overall experience and functionality of the gym environment. A study in 2021 stated that the connected gym equipment market will reach $5.96 billion by the year 2025. This means that more and more gym establishments will be investing in and implementing smart gym equipment and digital tools. Digital labels can be a gateway to modernization for your gym and a stepping stone for better operations.


Here are some key reasons why digital labels are useful in a smart gym.


Enhanced User Experience

Digital labels can provide gym-goers with easy-to-access information about the equipment, exercises, and fitness routines. For example, the SOLUM Newton labels are capable of showing up to 7 pages of information. Smart gyms can use these labels to show gym goers machine instructions, warnings, reminders, and more. This will enhance their gym experience and ensure that they are efficient with their workouts.


Safety and Proper Usage

Digital labels can include safety instructions and usage guidelines for each piece of gym equipment. This can help prevent injuries by ensuring that users use the equipment correctly and safely.


Did you know that, according to data analysis, exercise equipment was among the top 5 products causing injuries in 2021? It was also found that in that year, a total of 40,485 exercise equipment-related injuries resulted in deaths. Gym and workout safety is absolutely important, and digital labels can help ensure that your patrons stay safe during their stay.


Gym Efficiency

Gym staff can use digital labels to monitor and maintain equipment more efficiently. When equipment needs servicing or maintenance, it can be tagged digitally, and notifications can be sent to maintenance teams automatically.


Features like LED indicators can also help streamline this process. Newton labels, in particular, have LED indicators with seven lights that can be programmed to signal various alerts such as maintenance or system updates, out-of-order, or more.


Data Collection

Digital labels can also help collect data on equipment usage. This can help gym owners and managers understand which exercise equipment is most popular, which areas of the gym are crowded, and how often equipment needs maintenance or replacement. This data can be used to optimize the gym's layout and improve its offerings to patrons.


Enhanced Inventory Management

Of course, digital labels can be used to enhance inventory tracking and management in your gym. This is because digital labels can be used to label and keep track of gym supplies. This ensures that the gym always has the necessary supplies, such as towels, cleaning products, and disposable hygiene items. Keeping these items in stock will help create a better environment for your gym patrons.


Better Communication and Engagement

Gyms can also use digital labels to communicate with members. Bigger labels can promote special events, limited classes, and seasonal offers. For example, Newton Labels has a label management system that can help gym managers and owners modify and update the content of the labels with one click. All digital labels in the gym will be updated immediately, and patrons will be informed.


At the same time, members can also use digital labels to provide feedback or report issues to the gym management. Newton labels have multifunctional, programmable buttons that can alert gym management in case of any concerns or any help.


Marketing and Promotion

Digital labels can serve as a platform for promoting gym services, products, or partner businesses. For instance, your gym might have labels on your smoothie bar or juice bar that provide nutritional information and offer a discount on a protein shake. Gyms can also use digital labels for any fitness equipment, workout supplies, and gym accessories they sell. These modern labels can help expand your customer base and improve customer loyalty.


Centralized Ecosystem

Digital labels can help centralize your workflows and gym management. Digital labels can easily communicate with each other and help keep track of gym equipment, supplies, and more. This can help manage and maintain your gym easier, and gym staff will be able to focus on other priorities rather than taking up too much time in the office or doing repetitive tasks.


Environmental Sustainability

By reducing the need for printed signage, paper-based guides, and traditional paper labels, gyms have the chance to be more sustainable and reduce negative impacts on the environment. Digital labels contribute to a more eco-friendly gym environment, aligning with sustainability goals for any gym.


In summary, digital labels can improve the user experience, safety, efficiency, and management of a smart gym. They provide a versatile solution for both gym staff and gym patrons, making them a valuable addition to a modern fitness facility.

Where can you use digital labels in your smart gym?

Digital labels can be strategically placed throughout a smart gym to provide various benefits and enhance the overall gym experience. These digital labels will be able to help patrons and staff alike, ensuring that you have smooth operations the whole day.


Here are some key locations and use cases for digital labels in a smart gym:


  • Reception desk - Digital labels can replace the tabletop printouts. First-time gym goers and frequent patrons can take advantage of these digital labels instead. This will catch their attention quickly, and any information can be delivered to the customers. This includes information about gym hours, contact details, and special promotions.
  • Gym lockers - You can also digitalize locker labels in smart gyms with digital labels. These can provide accurate information for patrons and make maintenance and management easier for the gym staff.
  • Gym equipment - Since most digital labels, such as the Newton labels, have a multi-page feature, they can be used in gym equipment to serve as instruction labels and warning signs. Multifunctional buttons can also be programmed as a help alert for patrons. They can also display QR codes, which can redirect customers to video demonstrations or virtual trainers demonstrating exercises specific to that equipment.
  • Restrooms - Digital labels for the restroom facilities of the gym can be used to display information on policies, cleanliness, and gym amenities available.
  • Water stations - You can attach digital labels near water fountains or hydration stations to promote proper hydration and the importance of drinking water during workouts. This will add to the overall gym experience of your patrons.
  • Safety stations - Digital labels can also be placed near emergency exits, first-aid stations, and fire extinguishers. They will provide helpful instructions for safety and what to do in case of emergencies.
  • Personal training areas - Digital labels at personal training areas can showcase the credentials of trainers and their availability for bookings.
  • Accessible features - You can also use digital labels to provide information on the accessibility features of your gym. This includes ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms.
  • Membership and payment information - Place labels near self-service kiosks or payment terminals for membership details and payment options. Digital labels can help provide accurate information and instructions for your patrons.
  • Community boards - Use digital labels for community boards to display member achievements, testimonials, success stories, recommendations, and more.
  • Gym rooms or studios - Digital labels can also be placed in individual gym rooms and locations. Specifically, Newton labels can be used for real-time updates, which can display the latest changes in the room usage schedule, various activities and classes, instructor details, current room status, and more. The best thing is that all information can easily sync with the gym website through the Aims label management system.


By strategically placing digital labels in various areas, a smart gym will be able to maximize a modern solution. With digital labels, you can offer a more informative, engaging, and efficient experience for your members while also improving management and communication within the fitness facility.

Why is modernization needed for gyms?

Modernization is needed for gyms to keep up with evolving trends, technological advancements, and ever-changing consumer expectations. Here are several reasons why modernization is essential for gyms and fitness facilities:


Enhanced User Experience

Modern gyms aim to provide a superior and more enjoyable experience for their members. This includes offering state-of-the-art equipment, engaging fitness classes, and implementing smart or digital technology that enables users to track their progress or personalize their workouts.


Technological Advancements

The fitness industry has seen significant technological advancements. This includes the development of fitness apps, wearable technology, and smart gym equipment. Modernization allows gyms to integrate these technologies to offer more efficient and data-driven workouts.


Better Customer Acquisition and Retention

In a study, it was found that about 40% of gym members abandon their memberships within the first year. Modernization attracts gym members and helps retain them as it enhances convenience, efficiency, and safety. Gym members who are motivated and engaged because of modern technology will more likely keep their membership.


Adaptation to Changing Needs

Modernization enables gyms to adapt to changing societal and cultural trends. For example, offering virtual classes and wellness programs to cater to those who prefer to work out from home or have specific health and wellness needs.


Cost Efficiency

Some modernization efforts, like energy-efficient systems, can lead to cost savings over time, making gyms more financially sustainable.



Modern gyms can use technology to provide personalized fitness plans, nutrition advice, and workout recommendations tailored to an individual's goals and preferences. This level of personalization can lead to better results and member satisfaction.



Members expect seamless connectivity in gyms. They want to use their smartphones, wearables, and other devices while working out. Modern gyms provide Wi-Fi, charging stations, and the ability to sync data between their devices and the gym's equipment or apps. Connectivity also makes things easier for the gym staff. For example, controlling digital labels in one place allows accuracy, real-time updates, and better communication and engagement.


Data and Analytics

Modernization enables gyms to collect and analyze data on member behavior, equipment usage, and class attendance. This data can be used to improve the gym's operations, class schedules, and overall member experience.


Engagement and Community

Modern gyms recognize the importance of building a sense of community and engagement among their members. They use social media, online forums, and virtual events to connect members and keep them motivated.



Members appreciate the convenience of modern gyms. This includes 24/7 access, flexible membership options, and payment methods, online booking for classes and equipment, video instructions or guides, and more.


Health and Safety

In light of recent health concerns due to the pandemic, modernization includes investments in hygiene and safety measures. This includes touchless check-ins, advanced air filtration systems, and even digital labels that provide sanitation guidelines.


Competitive Advantage

As gyms evolve and modernize, they gain a competitive advantage in the fitness market. Members are more likely to choose a gym that offers the latest amenities and technology.


Overall modernization is essential for gyms to stay relevant, attract and retain members, and provide a high-quality fitness experience. Modern gyms and smart gyms that implement solutions like digital labels are setting themselves up for success.

SOLUM Newton Labels for Smart Gyms

Smart gyms looking for digital labels can find the best solution with SOLUM’s Newton labels. Whether it be for equipment instructions, marketing posters, class schedules, safety signs and warnings, product price labels, or more, these Newton labels are more than versatile and beneficial for all kinds of operations in your gym.


Here are the features of SOLUM Newton labels for smart gyms:

  • 10x faster update speed
  • Full Graphic E-ink Display
  • 7-color LED Indicator
  • Up to 7 pages of information display
  • Two multifunctional, programmable buttons
  • Built-in protection cover for a busy gym environment
  • Customizable design
  • IP67 rating for dust and water resistance
  • Multiple screen size ranges for various use cases
  • NFC capability for mobile or self-checkouts
  • AIMS label management system for easy updating and managing


Enhance your smart gyms now with SOLUM Newton labels! Contact SOLUM today and learn how our digital label solution can help your fitness facility.

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